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Treelines: Who We Are

By News

Treelines was an idea conceived  in the foothills of the pacific Northwest while building mountain bike trails. Trail building had become bigger then riding and too often we would stash our bikes in the bushes, just to push them back to the truck when the sun ran down. All this time surrounded by such an amazing environment is what sparked the idea to get some sort of a creative project started.  I know how much work it is to commit to a complete trail with just a handful of help.   The more time I spent on the shovel the more it got me thinking. The ratio of builders to riders at this time was very skewed.  Many will ride, but don’t have time to build.  Trail building can consume all your free time including your riding time.   Treelines is all trailbuilding, we are here to promote and grow the movement.

It started with a few basic logos and a couple tee shirt designs.  Once the brand started to gain traction, I decided to use a percentage of the profits to promote trail building through sponsoring different trail days.  We also sponsored a hand full of local builders in our state and just over the Canadian Boarder  The brand began to grow and so did the styles of prints and designs.  Once we had a solid apparel base, I moved my focus onto designing an accessory line that would benefit trail builders.  We are just about to release an exciting new line of building accessories, so stay tuned as we get this grass roots business growing from the ground up.